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The first visit

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During the first visit, it is strongly recommended for both partners to be present. The examination of the infertile couple is aimed at determining the causes of the infertility, selecting the appropriate treatment in each case, and assessing the probability of success. The order of examinations depends on the medical history and objective findings.

During the first visit, the medical history is provided, which includes the following:

  • History of pathology (chronic and hereditary diseases, endocrine disorders and past treatments),
  • surgical history (any prior surgical interventions)
  • gynecological history (abnormalities in the menstrual cycle, pelvic inflammatory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, potential endometriosis, etc.)
  • and obstetric history (prior births).

Special emphasis is placed on the couple’s fertility profile (duration of infertility, previous tests and treatments), as well as on their sexual history (information on the libido, the frequency of sexual contact, etc.).

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