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Προσωπική παρακολούθηση των υποψήφιων μητέρων/γονέωνNowadays, medicine, due to its increased complexity, requires a high level of specialization, the collaboration of many different specialists, and facilities with the proper infrastructure to ensure the best possible outcomes and, above all, the safety of all those involved. To ensure direct access to physicians of other specialties, the Center has elected to operate within the framework of an established clinic with the necessary infrastructure; initially at Kyanous Stavros Clinic, and since 2001 at the Interbalkan Medical Center, which is one of the best medical clinics in the country.


At Thessaloniki IVF Center, before implementing IVF, we will exhaust all other simpler methods depending on indications, on a case by case basis and with sound rationale, adopting a methodology in accordance with accepted international standards. Our primary concern is to minimize the medical burden and maximize the protection of our patients, in the process of achieving the identified objective. Personal monitoring of all candidate mothers/ parents by a specific physician of their choosing is standard practice at the Center, as is the provision of services across the entire spectrum of the Obstetrics and Gynecology specialties, in collaboration with external associates.