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IVF Center Thessaloniki  >  History

Thessaloniki IVF Center is a pioneering unit in the sector of medically assisted reproduction – one of the first to operate in Greece, since 1985. The long experience and in-depth specialization of our medical staff ensures the high quality of our services, and keeps the Center on the front lines of developments in our field.

Μέθοδος της διακολπικής λήψης των ωαρίων.Thessaloniki IVF Center is one of the two first IVF units in Greece, and one of the first to operate internationally. It was established in 1985 by a team of physicians who had trained for several years in renowned medical centers in the United Kingdom. Originally, the Center operated inside the KYANOUS STAVROS Clinic in Thessaloniki. In 2001, it was relocated to the then newly-established Interbalkan Medical Center, where it still operates.

During its long course, the Center’s physicians have had the opportunity to observe and implement in practice all the methods that have been applied in the field of Medically Assisted Reproduction, with a special emphasis on IVF.

Always being on the forefront of developments has been a steady eksosomatiki-gonimopoihsh-thessalonikis1goal of  the Center, a fact that has contributed significantly to the simplification and broader establishment of IVF and of the other methods of medically assisted reproduction. For example, the method of transvaginal oocyte retrieval, which has since been widely adopted in our country, was first implemented by the Center’s physicians in Thessaloniki, replacing the complicated laparoscopic method that was used until then, and contributing decisively to the broad acceptance and propagation of the new method. The Center was also the site of the first successful twin pregnancy with a surrogate womb.


Thessaloniki IVF Center is a model Medically Assisted Reproduction center in regards to its facilities, structures

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